This is just the beginning…

As most of you probably know by know,  the occupation ended at 2pm yesterday as many of us boarded the bus to demonstrate outside Holyrood.

We’ll be releasing a more detailed statement soon, detailing what we feel we achieved from the past four days. For now it remains only for us to thank all those that supported the occupation, in whatever form. I’d estimate that over the course of the occupation we saw more than 100 friendly faces come and go- pretty good considering we had no freedom of access. Thanks to those who brought food and blankets- we would have been in a bad way without that support. Thanks, too, to those who did publicity for our cause whether it was leafleting for the rally on Wednesday in St Andrews, or helping us get the word out about the situation in the occupation while we were cut off with no internet.

Finally, I’ve just checked our email address – which has been a little neglected in favour of twitter and the blog- and found more messages of support and solidarity, which reminded me to thank you all for those too. We got so many texts, tweets and calls over the time we were in occupation from staff, students and members of the public all around the world and it was so crucial to keeping up morale. One final thankyou to everyone that got in touch.

That’s all for now, but in closing I’d like to say two things, which were the most important talking points at our final meeting:

1) Come along to the meeting on Tuesday, if you live in or around St Andrews. 7.30pm in School 1 on 14th December. It’s a big meeting between staff and students to talk about how we can all work together to make this movement as big as possible and take it forward in the  new year. More details on the facebook event here:

2) This is most definitely not the end!


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