Today’s agenda.

Central to today’s efforts to challenge the mean and overbearing government and their spineless lapdogs is the RALLY with the UCU in St Mary’s quad at 1PM. Come along and make some noise, and bring your friends!
Bring them tonight to, as entrance will be allowed between 7-8PM as yesterday. This may be you last chance to spend a night in LPH, and the atmosphere in this room is awesome.

They say CUT BACK, we stick our tongue out and make a rude noise.


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2 responses to “Today’s agenda.

  1. Enzo Rossi

    Keep it up! We’re all proud of you.

    (St Andrews PhD graduate, 2008)

  2. Judy Dean

    Just wanted to say that, as a local resident, in my mid-sixties, the occupiers of LPH have my full support. What the government is proposing is outrageous. There are many, many alternatives available to them and you are absolutely right to make your feelings known in the strongest possible way. I know many others of my generation who feel the same and admire the stand you are taking.

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