Rally at One and General Update

Open Hours & Rally

Well good morning rebellious youth. The Occupation slept SO soundly last night – all warm and well fed. Thank you so much to everyone who brought food, music and came to join us on the inside. After being starved out by the University’s management, cut-off from the outside world and dealing with lots of men with authority (nothing new there though) it was a lovely break.

We decided this morning, or I thought we did as I was really too sleepy to tell what was happening, for our open hour – the pathetically small time slot that the Uni has offered to let people in – to be at 7 to 8 this evening. We expect the same as last night: cigarettes outside, long lines to get in, lots of food, loud music and big smiles all around.

”What the f**k?” you say? ”What happened to the rally? Can’t we come in then?”

Well…the University said we couldn’t have our open hour during the rally as too many people would come in. How insane! Its an admission that they know that we have support and that those at the raly at 1 can’t join our occupation. Still, we’ve all got a lovely show planned for you with the University and College Union giving a few kind words, two ‘delegates’ from inside the occupation to rally support and everyone else who has given us solidarity. Some folk on the inside have just left to hand out leaflets so you might catch them at the Library handing them out.

This certainly doesn’t mean we’re not trying/ will try to get you in during the rally. The great smuggling continues!

Rally – 1pm St Mary’s Quad
Open Hour – 7pm-8pm Parliament Hall

The Occupation continues,

Ya Basta!

P.S. How much of murderous Field Marshall Haig’s painted stare can we endure?

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One response to “Rally at One and General Update

  1. Dr Leena Kumarappan

    Dear occupiers

    Complete support and solidarity with all of you in your occupation. I think all the students all around the country speaking up against the proposed marketisation of education are doing a brilliant job. If only every single student and worker stood alongside you…

    Wishing you total success


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