small victories

Today was a strange day at occupied Parliament hall.

After a long day of discussions in the cold, with Steve MaGee and Peter Clark, we finally gaine dthe basic right of warmth. We also got some internet and an hour amnesty to enter and leave once a day. This victory has come on condition of leaving the occupation on Thursday.

This bitter-sweet victory was only made possible by the huge amounts of solidarity and love we’ve been receiving from as far as Puerto Rico and Greece, as well as from all the occupations in the UK.

After yesterday’s confrontation and stand-off, we decided to concede to these conditions. The University, in all its dealings, reaffirmed its intransigence when it comes to negotiating about the cuts, and the Management’s stance on the Browne report. Despite having claimed they were entering negotiations with an open mind, we found they couldn’t accept any of our pettitions.

They skirted around issues of accountability. They reiterated that we were in no way entitled to make claims about their policy, owing at least in part to how few of us there are. They failed to notice this may have been the result of their closed-door policy. When pressed, they couldn’t tell us how many students it would take to move their position.

After these meetings with those at the top of the University food chain, many of us are keen to conclude that true negotiations will only arise of further and sustained direct action on the University. This is a time to begin building anticuts resistance, and we will keep up pressure on the University with a deiversity of tactics. Our experiment in occupation will happen again, and we will have learnt from our mistakes. This University administration is no longer unaccountable, and this student body will be alert, ready and able to resist when the neo-liberal axe finally falls.

Tomorrow the UCU has helped call a rally outside the occupation at 1, which we may coincide with our amnesty hour. We will also try and get involved with action in Edinburgh.



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4 responses to “small victories

  1. St Andrews student

    I am all for free speech and allowing everyone to have their own opinions, but have you really nothing better to do than sit in a room where no one can see or hear you. Your actions are a pathetic attempt to gain some publicity for yourselves at the expense of the other students. I wonder just how many of you have actually read the Browne report?

    You are all jumping onto the bandwagon about 2 weeks to late, if you all cared that much about increasing tuition fees etc. then why didn’t you start campaigning sooner. The fact your group is so small maybe is more of an indication that most of us are happy with the proposals or actually have so much work on that we don’t have time to waste. Your are disrupting your fellow students education and costing the University a lot of money, which would be better spent on books or helping those from lower incomes.

    You have only managed to loose support for your cause which was reinforced today when I was in St Mary’s quad and witnessed one of your campaigners bringing food to the window, when asked to move on he decided to be rather rude and abusive to the member of the estates staff. This is not acceptable behavior.

    Get out and do something more productive with your lives. If you feel that passionate about something I can think of many better ways to make your voices heard and maybe actually influence someone in power.

  2. Hello all,

    Greetings from the Campaign for the Public University. It’s great to see what you’re doing. The student movement is completely inspiring and do stay in touch. We’ll add a link to this blog to our Other Campaigns page on the website.

    In solidarity,

    Campaign for the Public University

  3. Enillwr

    Well done, good luck and stay strong!

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