Contrary to earlier statements made on this blog, we wish to state unreservedly that no assault took place and no students were attacked on the night of December 6th.

We apologise to any member of University staff who may have been distressed by this false allegation.

The night in question was heated for all concerned, however legal assault is a misused term for the actions we witnessed. We, the Occupiers, do not believe in police repercussions for ourselves or any member of University staff.

Since having our internet access cut, outside suporters relayed messages from ourselves to the outside world. Naturally, there has been miscommunication both between the occupiers and those outside sources, and within the outside world itself. Greater clarity is possible now that the internet access has been restored.

We still welcome discussions with the University regarding the issues that took us to Occupation.

No To Cuts!


The Occupiers                                       December 7th 2010




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2 responses to “Retraction

  1. Jo

    Challenge the university’s actions – they could be unlawful if they are denying your basic human rights, eg food, heating, etc. Try and get some legal advice. Good luck!

  2. Daniel

    Under Scottish law, blackmail is a criminal offence. As is perverting the course of justice.

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