Post-incident report

Siena Parker and Owen Wilton both visited our occupation earlier to talk about how cold it was. After they left a thing happened:

We figured out how to get around the University’s closed doors policies. As we were making our way around their arbitrary decision, Estates, who have been ordered by the Principal’s office not to let students in. Estates had already built a barricade to stop students coming in the back, but we found more ways into the building.

When Estates realised the jig, one barged into the occupation, shoving those guarding the door to the floor. He then continued to push people away at the window, and almost pushed someone out the window they were coming through. He then called for support and the police. The police came, and after brief negotiations with hastily called back Siena and Owen, they ostensibly left again.

We kept on trying to get in because the University’s policy is unreasonable. We felt strongly enough about our freedom of access, and because the University has refused to discuss this essential point. we will continue to call for support. Spread the word, and come by and see the occupation. Call the official phone to get in touch, send us support, get in touch with management and the Student’s Association to express support.



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5 responses to “Post-incident report

  1. Adam Johannes

    ‘Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number –
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you –
    Ye are many – they are few.’
    Shelley, The Mask of Anarchy

    Dear brilliant friends!

    We congratulate you on your inspirational direct action and wish you every sucess in your righteous struggle against cuts. Billions can be found for banks and tanks, why not for education and the common people? 2009 saw the welcome return of an old tactic to the British political scene – the occupation. Student occupied, workers occupied against job cuts, parents, teachers and pupils occupied against school closures. All these little struggles are part of a bigger struggle for a more humane world that puts people before profit: The seeds of the new society are being sewn in the battle with the old . . . BRING ON THE WINTER OF DISCONTENT!

    Dare to struggle!
    Dare to win!


    Adam Johannes
    Cardiff Stop the War Coalition

  2. Duncan

    What do you hope to achieve by this?

    1) The changes to the tuition fee arrangements will not directly affect this university.

    2) The lobbying organisation of which the University is part lobbied/are lobbying against the cuts in education spending in England.

    3) The local MP has said he will vote against the tuition fees rise.

    What is your objective? If you don’t have one, you are occupying/attempting to occupy a building which is used for academic conferences and student activities and as such disrupting unnecessarily the work of the university. Why not arrange for space outside BESS and take up a petition as any normal organisation would do?

    If you have to objective, and you have no material reason for taking this disruptive course of action rather than less disruptive alternatives, why would you expect your fellow students to support you?

  3. I’m happy and excited to be following events in St Andrews. All luck and solidarity to the fight; sorry you’re having to deal with appalling behaviour.

    By the way, here’s a thing a lot of the occupation blogs seem to be struggling with. You can remove that irritating “Just another site” default tagline under “Settings > General” in the WordPress Dashboard. That, obscurely enough, is where you’re able to change the Site Title and Tagline to something useful.

  4. James

    Wait, the UNIVERSITY is building barricades? St Andrews is a very strange place.

  5. deep throat

    mon oeil! how facile. we need to accept austerity in non-essential fields, and create a smaller state. tuition fees need to be raised or a university education will count for nothing. cretins like your good selves will jump on any old bandwagon – you do realise that westminister’s decision on this issue counts for little up here? the government should limit places in higher education, and raise fees while increasing mechanisms by which the poor who really deserve to go to university have an opportunity to. the fact of the matter is universities are spending more on their students than they get back – and yet these same students benefit tremendously in terms of graduate salaries etc. either a greater culture of benefaction needs to be somehow fostered – witness the US – or else there should possibly be a graduate tax, much as it pains me to say it. but the first thing that needs to happen is the raising of tuition fees to stop middle-of-the-road bores like yourselves (who, i might add, leave little to no mark upon the university during your careers here, are happy to take a mediocre degree, and proceed on with your unremarkable lives) going to university. academic standards are slipping thanks to government-subsidised, brain-drained zombies. well-off students have always been, and will continue to be, needed to prop up decent centres of learning; that’s unavoidable. this group, constantly and repetitively vilified by you (sorry to generalise here) leftie numbskulls, would, under the propsed raises, provide the means by which truly remarkable scholars otherwise lacking the means to an education may achieve their potential. your affected politicism tires me. if i wanted to do something useful, i would write to the emperor ming or cameron, not piss off the long-suffering estates staff – after all, only doing their job – or the principal – say what thou wilt about her, this issue is not her doing. your hypocrisy is latent. sort it out, no-one’s interested in this pathetic blog or the oh-so-noble travails it recounts: 400 signatories from a student body of 7000 is laughable – it serves to highlight the inaction (or, worse, the half-baked action) of those students with whom you supposedly identify. flash mob my arse. make some mates, stop dressing like a bunch of bosnian estate agents, and make the most of your time here, because you will – hopefully – be among the last generations of substandard, nay, pisspoor “students” to walk the hallowed halls of this university or any other.

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