Keeping the heat on when the heating is off.

Hello once more! After a night’s sleep interrupted by the police wandering in to check the windows for damage (there was none, we’d arrest ourselves if there had been) at around half past eight, this is how things are. The University continues to refuse to allow access into the building for either people or food. The heating has been cut off and the room is pretty brass bloody monkeys. There’s also no access to the internet, I am typing this in the library having broken occupancy to get to a tutorial. The University refuses to allow people to re-enter the occupation even if they have left to go to class.
The University issued an offer to re-allow heating and internet if we agreed to a date to leave, facilitated by Owen Wilson and Sienna, who are wonderful people in our eyes. This offer was respectfully rejected, unless the University allows free acess for one hour a day. If this is allowed, it will be up on here, Facebbok and Twitter, so if you want to come join in this evening if it is permitted, KEEP CHECKING! If they carry on refusing to let people in, I’m sleeping in the corridor outside, or the goddam quad if they make me.
The messages of support are making us feel all warm and happy – solidarity is coming in from as far as Greece and Peurto Rico, where students have been occupying for two months! Amusing conversations in a mix of Spanish and English, but love transcendends the language barrier, and indeed all things. My Martin Luther King poster was stolen from the doors of the occupancy, presumably by Estates, at some point in the night, but I leave you with what it read – “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” On Thursday, thousands of students will be standing in opposition in Edinburgh, and there may be a bus going from here if you want to get involved. I’ll keep you posted!



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4 responses to “Keeping the heat on when the heating is off.

  1. Pat

    Keep going people 🙂

  2. Bob Brecher

    Greetings in solidarity from all the lecturers at Brighton university who are supporting the students’ occupation here. Together we shall win, if only we all learn to disobey.

    Professor BobBbrecher

  3. Postgrad

    Hello! from Warwick University! They did similar things to us when we occupied. We weren’t allowed back in if we left and so had to piss in a pot, they put the air con on, and had police on guard day and night. It is very sad that university managers are so hostile to their students exercising their democratic right to protest, to their students giving a shit about the world in which they live. But you should know that there are thousands of students all over the UK who are impressed by your occupation, understand why you are going it, and who stand in soilidarity with you. St Andrews is a university famous for it’s Etonion set and so for you to occupy is especially heartening, though I imagine it means that you are getting some abusive emails from people who love the idea of 16k fees and limited access by privilage. We had this at Warwick too. All I can say is stay strong! You are on the right side.

  4. Thank you for continuing to keep up the fight against these damaging cuts. It is well worth doing, because, as I think you know, they could change higher education forever.

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