All my friends are here!

The doors are open! So many people are in Lower Parliament Hall now, it’s clear to us just how much love was being kept at bay by the black suited minions of authority, subservient to the gnarled whims of their covetous masters.

No, that’s hyperbole, I’m too glowing now the doors are open, the heaters are on and I can post freely to muster the requisite righteous anger. Getting hugs and chocolate is a massive boost to the chilly occupiers who have been here for the last two days.

Just a note to some of the negative mutters I have heard about myself and my merry comrades. Look, even if we knew in advance that the University would not budge on a single point as a result of this occupancy,(though negotiations will continue) we would still be just where we are now. Why? Because we know the stand the student population across the country is making to defend the noble ideals of Education and the rightful futures of young people five or ten years hence, and we would have felt cowards not standing with them. The message is being made loud and clear to the government and their supporters that they cannot act without reaction, cannot push without us pushing back. Even here, in this privileged bubble, our voice joins that message and becomes a shout. A shout with a slightly poncy accent maybe, but then Mr Cameron understands slightly poncy accents.
Secondly, this occupation is the start of an angry and motivated anti-cuts movement. Around me now is not the dry discussion of the policy room, or the euphemism of compromise, but hope. The people here are those who hold their ideas in their hearts and vote with their feet. Politically dead? Suck my alternate manifesto.

We keep true to our principals and ideals, true to our comrades, whose solidarity lifts us so high we know we can never be brought down, and true to the hope that things can be changed for the better.

With so much love, the LPH occupiers.


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6 responses to “All my friends are here!

  1. I am in solidarity with you.

    Keep safe and strong.

    Dr Richard Hall,
    National Teaching Fellow (2009), and Reader in Education and Technology.

  2. Hello,
    Greetings from the Campaign for the Public University – it’s really great what you’re doing to protest against the cuts to higher education. The student movement nationally is an inspiration. We’ve added you to our website – stay in touch.

    In solidarity,
    Campaign for the Public University

  3. Roddy

    Brilliant stuff! Well done everyone, sounds like a tough few days. Is anyone planning to come through for this march in Edinburgh tomorrow or will folk be concentrating on the occupation?

  4. James

    It seems strange to admit defeat when the campaign’s only just getting started. You’re absolutely right: it’s not just a small band in St Andrews against the ultra-conservative management of the university. It’s the students of the U.K. against a movement toward cuts, and indeed the movement of the people worldwide against a crisis response that will throw tens of millions into desperation. Keep your perspective, and realise that your actions go far beyond symbolism. Solidarity from Australia, brothers and sisters.

  5. Jonathan Dean

    Hi there. I texted through a message of solidarity yesterday, and posted about the occupation on the Campaign for the Public University facebook page. Several people at CPU have said they would like to send messages of solidarity, but can’t work out how to do it! Do you have an email address we can use?!

    Jonathan Dean (Leeds Uni)

  6. Enzo Rossi

    Quite right!

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