NOW is the winter of our discontent!

We stand in defiance against the policies of the goverment and the University, you can find it all here and on twitter at @OccupyStAndrews and our contact in the building is ready and waiting on 07824566976.

We’re loving showing that we’re not as apathetic as we’re supposed to be, and we’re not willing to let our comrades across the country do our fighting for us.

Unfortunately however, the powers that be in the University have decided to continue to deny us free entry and exit to the building and access to food. Negotiations fromt he University have been mere reaffirmations of their positions and statements that no negotiations will be considered. We’re being kept going by messages of support from the occupations in Dundee, Edinburgh and beyond! UCU representatives have shown up, chatted and been helpful and friendly.

If you think as we do, if you oppose the commersialisation of education, if you think we should fight to ensure talented and diligent people get the future they deserve, then stand with us. Get in touch on the above, as I say there’s currently no way past the blokes on the door, but there’s opportunities to publicise and so on. Emailing the guys who are making the rules, with messsages of solidarity (with us, not them, obviously) and requests to be let in would be fabby.

They say cut back! We say no, rather.

Peace, or at least well-behaved moral dissidence,
The St Andrews anti-cuts bunch currently in occupation in LPH.


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  1. James

    “Now is the winter of our discontent turned to summer by this son of York.” It’s worth knowing the whole quote, guys.

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